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lenotreEcole Lenôtre

Ecole Lenôtre offers professional training through a variety of short, specialized courses (20-35hrs), as well as their 24-week intensive Grande Diplome.

In founding the Ecole Lenôtre en 1971, Gaston Lenôtre met the needs in terms of training for both French and foreign professionals alike. Today, more than 3.000 trainees, men and women, coming from all over France and over 100 countries come to deepen their knowledge and to be initiated in the culture of excellence.

Each year, new short courses programme are created to better meet the needs of professionals in the catering trade.

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The heart of Lenôtre’s activity : techniques, abking, finish, creation of décor, initiate yourself with the great successes of French pastry and discover new trends.

Plated Desserts
Aesthetic of shapes and colours with new trends based around flavours and texture as well as multiplicity of techniques.

Bakery and Viennese pastry
Never before have customers been so demanding as to the quality of bread and Viennese pastry! Adapt your expertise to the tastes of the moment: making rolls, pies and tarts, sour dough technique, polish, lining, baking…

Ice cream
Apply technology to the making of egg-based ices, ice cream, sorbets…
Discover new techniques for the assembly of iced and start carving ice sculptures…

The Art of Sugar
Blown, pulled, run or bubbled sugar will hold no secret for you. Prepare your exhibitions in combining art and technique.

Chocolate and confectionery
Courses deigned to progress rapidly in the mastering of fillings (ganaches, pralines, fruits…), coating and new techniques in terms of conservation and presentation. Become an expert of barley sugar, marshmallow, nougat and all the palette of traditional confectionery.

Contact Details:

Ecole Lenôtre
40 rue Pierre Curie – BP 6
78375 Paisir Cedex – France
Tèl : +33 (0)1 30 81 46 34/35
Fax : +33 (0)1 30 54 73 70

Email :


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