MCA revises medical certification extensions from three to six months

MCA revises medical certification extensions from three to six months

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thanks to chef Anton and also Nautilus Intl for the update on ENG1 and covid 19 related news..

The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) has updated the extensions available for expired, or about to expire, medical certificates during the Covid-19 pandemic from three months to six months.

The changes apply to ENG 1 holders on UK flagged vessels including seafarers and fishers and adds a provision around non-UK medical certificates when used on UK Ships.

‘It must be accepted that new medical fitness certificates may not be available during the pandemic,’ MCA said by way of explanation to the further extensions now in place.

Revised medical certification policy during COVID-19 pandemic information for Merchant Seafarers and Fishermen
The MCA has put in place contingency plans to mitigate disruption to essential delivered services as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. This policy has been revised to include reference to acceptable equivalent medical certificates (MSN 1815).
As more MCA Approved Doctors return to performing face to face ENG 1 examinations, it is likely that this policy will be used less frequently. It is the seafarer’s responsibility to ensure they have made every effort to attend an ENG 1 examination.
We are updating the Approved Doctors lists as often as possible to reflect doctor’s availability, please refer to the links below when looking for available doctors.

UK based Approved Doctors:
Overseas Approved Doctors:

Full info can be read at


Countries whose seafarer medical fitness certificates are accepted as equivalent to the UK ENG 1. See



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