Burrata -what is it and how to use

Burrata -what is it and how to use

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BurrataBurrata is a fresh Italian cheese, made from mozzarella and cream.

The outer shell is solid mozzarella while the inside contains both mozzarella and cream, giving it an unusual, soft texture.

It is also defined by some sources as an outer shell of mozzarella filled with butter or a mixture of butter and sugar. It is usually served fresh, at room temperature.

The name “burrata” means “buttered” in Italian.

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Mozzarella and burrata are close-knit relatives. They are originally from Campania, although many places in the South- and a few in the North- started producing these incredible delicacies.

  • Mozzarella in Italy is always a soft cheese oozing liquid, and even industrial packaging preserves these milk-tasting balls in its whey.
  • Mozzarella di bufala is a step up from regular mozzarella, made only from buffalo milk where it takes its grassy flavour. Pearly and delicious, it is a bit harder to find, but there’s plenty of places that do in the Bay Area…
  • Burrata is in a league of its own: made similarly to mozzarella, with cow’s milk, during the production it’s stretched to form a pouch that gets filled with soft mozzarella curd and the cream from the way. It is then knotted to keep the “surprise” inside, and when you eat it the texture and the taste make you think of a butter filling, hence the name.

Source for this: http://www.italyinsf.com/2008/08/11/where-to-buy-mozzarella-and-burrata-san-francisco/

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Another great article on Burrata can be found at http://www.thenibble.com/reviews/main/cheese/cheese2/burrata.asp





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