Tsukiji Soba Academy & Japanese Cooking Academy

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Akila Inouye is the founder and the master chef of Tokyo cooking studio, which had established as Tsukiji Soba Academy in 2002 at the very close point to the world biggest fish market. Afterward, he needed to expand his class both offering Japanese home cooking and soba making to meet his customers’ desirous requests. Today, he also conducts Japanese cooking lessons as the master chef of Japanese Cooking Academy at the Tokyo cooking studio.
Akila has developed the smartest way to make soba noodles by hand and practical Japanese cooking with his experienced technique and wealth of knowledge.
He speaks English and Japanese and offering soba and Japanese cooking class to give awesome culinary experiences for the worldwide people.
For Soba course info visit http://tokyo.cookingstudio.org/soba/
For Japanese cooking course info visit http://tokyo.cookingstudio.org/japanesecooking/
For more information visit the website at http://tokyo.cookingstudio.org/aboutus/


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