YachtChefs.com announces the launch of its new-look website

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Yacht Chefs Serving up a Treat on Superyachts

YachtChefs.com announces the launch of its new-look website

The Mediterranean is one of the most popular playgrounds for the mega-rich owners of superyachts. Gliding effortlessly in and out of the ports and harbours that lie dotted along the coasts of the surrounding countries, sailing over the glistening blue waters to the next stop. The professional yacht crew working tirelessly to ensure the yacht owners and their guests have the most wonderful time. On board these floating palaces there are few more important jobs than that of the chef. There might be a score of mouths to feed, with guests and crew to feed, and high standards of culinary expertise are expected.

A respected resource for finding these masters of their art whether for yachts in the Mediterranean or around the globe is YachtChefs.com, a site boasting a global database of experienced superyacht chefs of all levels through a crew placement service which is available 365 days a year, 24/7.

The service they provide, and the reputation for excellence that they have built and wish to maintain, prompted them to improve upon their website. They wanted to make it more responsive and easier to use. This they have done and they are announcing the launch of their redesigned site this week.

Based in the beautiful port of Antibes, on the French Riviera between Nice and Cannes, YachtChefs.com is ideally positioned to greet superyachts and meet their culinary needs. Their recruitment consultants have many years’ worth of valuable experience, both on superyachts, in the hospitality industry and as Recruitment Consultants to fine dining restaurants and 5 star hotels. They know what you require and you can trust them to deliver.


They even provide an out of hours 24/7 hotline for captains who need a chef to complete their on-board team in a hurry.

YachtChefs.com can also source land based chefs for the yacht owners’ land based properties in addition to their superyachts!

Life on board a superyacht would not be all plain sailing for someone who is simply a cook. It takes a special kind of chef. It requires lot of skills, qualifications and experience for a chef to cut it on board. It is certainly a challenging career move and one that is not to be taken lightly. Chefs who work on land in restaurant or hotel kitchens have space to work; they have a place for everything and everything in its place. On board you don’t have a kitchen, you have a galley and it is a lot more cramped. You might be cooking for a dozen guests and as many crew and if the sea gets a bit rough it can make it an adventure. They might have different dietary requirements that need to be met so your menus need to be varied and take this into consideration. Organisational skills are a must because out at sea as you are a long way from suppliers!

So these chefs learn how to provision and use the finest provisions to create their mouthwatering dishes.

On the other hand, the rewards that accompany the job can be outstanding. The travel, visiting interesting places and meeting interesting people… As for salary, a chef aboard a vessel over between 50m and 100m in length can expect remuneration somewhere in the region of €6,000 up to €10,000 per month on average, with accommodation and all meals provided onboard! If this is the life for you then the YachtChefs.com is the site for you.


YachtChefs.com is, as you have probably guessed, a recruitment consultancy for chefs aboard luxury yachts. They are based in Antibes in southern France, a popular port for superyachts. They have been operating for a number of years and have built up a strong reputation for reliability among superyacht owners/captains, yacht management companies and yacht brokers who use the placement service when they need to find a chef quickly. The website they had wasn’t fit for purpose and was in need of an overhaul, so they came to us for a complete redesign.

The new website has bespoke Chef registration criteria, specific to the chef and yachting industry, where availability, qualifications and experience are important. It is responsive and also has a web service to allow the website to integrate with Recruitive’s online database and job posting systems, Jobmate.

YachtChefs.com are not just a recruitment consultancy but they have also created other yacht and chef related sites online to act as useful resources to their candidates.

See ShipsCookCertificate.com, YachtChefsMagazine.com, YachtChefs.tv and YachtProvisioningService.com for further information.



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