Stuffed Piglet – Rome

Stuffed Piglet – Rome

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Stuffed piglet.. tasted amazing!

2 piglet heads and one large loin all wrapped and stuffed with herbs..

Mauro cleans the 2 heads and rolls wrapped in prosciutto and parma ham and joins into one long joint which is slowed cooked and is very very tasty!

Great idea for wedding or special functions when you want the wow factor..

It arrives in a huge box and when its removed and placed on table it grabs everyone’s attention!

Was at F1 in Monaco yesterday and this guy from Rome region turned up with a huge rolled and stuffed piglet…

They also ,make home made sausages and hams!!

If you want to order this for your yacht guests or for land based events please contact:

Panini Da Mauro

Via Campania

strada 156 Monti Lepini


Telephone: +(39)3473114712

Please mention: Efrem at when enquiring


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