Lemon Myrtle or Lemon Scented Verbena

Lemon Myrtle or Lemon Scented Verbena

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Here is some more information on Lemon Myrtle or Verbena taken from wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backhousia_citriodora

Lemon myrtle is one of the well known bushfood flavours and is sometimes referred to as the “Queen of the lemon herbs”.[5] The leaf is often used as dried flakes, or in the form of an encapsulated flavour essence for enhanced shelf-life. It has a range of uses, such as lemon myrtle flakes in shortbread; flavouring in pasta; whole leaf with baked fish; infused in macadamia or vegetable oils; and made into tea, including tea blends. It can also be used as a lemon flavour replacement in milk-based foods, such as cheesecake, lemon flavoured ice-cream and sorbet without the curdling problem associated with lemon fruit acidity.

The dried leaf has free radical scavenging ability.[6]


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