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Don’t Rely On Will-Power & Discipline…

Create Sexy & Irresistible Raw Meals
That Are Just Too Good To Pass Up

…even if you’re “just curious” or have little time to cook

  • Presented by the UK’s Leading Raw Chef – as Hailed by The Times

    Learn from raw culinary master, Russell James, author of 6 raw food recipe eBooks & teacher to over 43,122 raw food enthusiasts all over the world.

  • Suitable for the Raw-Curious AND Raw-Committed

    Including superior technical instruction for polished veterans; and a dedicated dehydrator-free recipe bank for beginners.

  • Free Recipes, Instant-Access Recipe eBooks & Structured Online Courses

    “Sexy” recipes to get you started instantly, recipe books for ‘that’ upcoming dinner party and courses to perfect your passion.

  • Unrivalled Professionalism for a Beautiful Learning Journey

    High-definition videos and step-by-step instructions to help you through the process of creating restaurant-quality raw meals.

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