Raw Food Chef and Health Educator Certification Course

Raw Food Chef and Health Educator Certification Course

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Join Elaina Love and the Pure Joy Staff for this Raw Food Chef and Health Educator Certification Course.

In this 15-day course, you will learn a vast array of information on raw, vegan food preparation and the nutritional information and theory behind living healthy life naturally!

3 Levels and details can be found at http://www.purejoyculinaryacademy.com/levels-1-3/


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  1. Kym Brewer April 5, 2015 at 2:53 am

    It’s great to see Elaina Love’s Pure Joy Academy posted on your site…..
    I have just recently completed a month with PJA immersing myself in the vegan, raw, living cuisine. For me, after completing this course I gained exactly what I was looking for and more… A fresher approach to healthy and nutritious meals, hundreds of new recipes to add to my repitoire and a better understanding of how to adapt recipes to suit.
    Also by completing the detox program and partaking in a PURE raw diet for the month, not only did I give my body a well deserved break, I also first hand experienced the power of this lifestyle. Never before have I been so in tune with my body and what it really means to be nourished.
    Thanks to all I have learned so far, I am more confident to provide healthy alternatives to guests and crew. Plant based cuisine is going strong and more people are becoming aware of the amazing benifits achievable. Who wouldn’t want to be more vibrant, energetic and lighter, right?

    Elaina’s courses run throughout the year, in multiple locations and available to all walks of life with various skill levels. For me, when I attended I was the only professional chef, I personally loved it as I gained a huge amount of information in a relaxed environment. It was a Study holiday for the mind, body and spirit.

    Choose your own intentions for the course, be prepared to open your mind and your palate. Great foundation to build upon

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