Cayman Islands Registry clarification of food safety course

Cayman Islands Registry clarification of food safety course

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Just wanted to share an update I got from Cayman Is registry today.. this follows a telephone call from a head chef on a Cayman flag yacht who asked my advice. He had just joined the 75m+ yacht and been told he needed the ‘advanced’ food safety course.. 

So I contacted Cayman Registry and got the replies below which I am therefore sharing with you all..

Relates to which food safety courses they accept on their flagged vessels.

Basically they (Cayman Registry) want to see chefs have an ADVANCED level course..

This will be different for each country around the world but essentially if it says its advanced then it should be acceptable.. 

My advice is if you are working on a Caymans flagged vessel to contact them if you have any questions on this.

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