Chef Rant – Ships Cook Certificate: WTF?

Chef Rant – Ships Cook Certificate: WTF?

Chef Rants

ok, the Ships Cook Certificate..

embraced by many and also scorned by many chefs working in super yacht industry globally..

WHY? because there has been much misinformation on who needs it, why it’s been introduced and what it entails…

so I am starting the first chef rants post here and ask chefs to add to the discussion.. post your comments below.. 

Do you think the SCC is a good thing for yachting?

Does it in fact ensure the quality of crew food and galley hygiene and safety is raise?

Which course is better? Have you doe the Secrets de Cuisine assessment in Antibes or did you do the one in South Shields College?

What are the differences in the actual assessments at each of these locations? 



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